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Marketing teams need content to reach, acquire, and retain customers. A cottage industry of content producers has sprung up worldwide to cater to this demand. Unfortunately, many of them are not creating content tailored to their client’s audience or aligned with the needs of the business. So, any positive impact it has on strategic objectives is just dumb luck.

Content consulting involves developing a plan for creating marketing content that delivers real bottom-line results for your business. If you’ve been on social media or surfing the web lately, you’ll know the internet is full of content. Some of them are useful, some of them are entertaining, some of them are brilliant, and a whole lot of them are real head-scratchers. Some online content will stay with you for days; others will be forgotten immediately. And that fact has led to a rise in marketing expertise known as content consulting. Content consulting involves a marketing professional taking a deep dive into your industry, business, and aspirations to develop a plan for creating marketing content that delivers real bottom-line results for your business.

Clients need content consulting more sophisticated, holistic approach to creating high-quality content. Instead, many of them get assembly-line producers of cookie-cutter content. This content creation model is designed for speed and cost-efficiency rather than brand-building and business outcomes. Marketers often hurry to get content at the lowest rates and get it out as soon as possible. Sadly, what suffers in this mad rush for quick and dirty content is brand equity.

Any savings companies make through low-quality content production can cost significantly more in the long run through lost followers and a dented brand reputation. Content consulting can help avoid that.

What is content consulting?

A content consulting approach starts by deeply understanding your business objectives and BAU communication needs. We then mine audience insight and internal expertise to develop a strategy to showcase your company’s unique point of view and emphasize your USPs. Our holistic plan will also diagnose any issues with your current communications plan and identify solutions to help establish a self-sustaining content program.

Content consultation isn’t another buzzword. It’s not about putting together a list of hot keywords or headline ideas for your landing page. To support better business outcomes, we deliver a communications plan that is strategy driven.

The journey to fantastic content starts way before the finger hits the keyboard. The first step in the process is understanding your objectives and what makes your business unique. What worked for another client in another sector—or even the same one—may not work for you. Producing copycat content is a surefire way to turn off your audience. Your content must marry your business expertise with insight into your audience’s priorities to succeed.

How a content consultancy works


The first step is understanding your business goals. We’ll analyze your short- and long-term objectives to understand the role that content plays (or could play) in achieving them. We don’t believe in creating content just because everyone else does. We think every piece of copy should contribute to your overall goals.

Customer exploration

Content is ineffective unless it adds value to your customers lives. In the second stage, we’ll research your target audience. Our strategists will explore their pain points, challenges, and priorities to develop actionable insights.

Competitor analysis

Content should always be created in context. And that context is determined not just by your target audience but also by your competitors. So, to develop an effective content strategy, we’ll do a comprehensive analysis of your competitors. This will show us what your competitors are doing and whether their content works well for them. The analysis will reveal opportunities to stand out by identifying any angles or perspectives on key topics you can own.

Content audit

We’ll dive deep into your existing content across platforms at this stage. We’ll assess quality, consistency, and relevance to the audience and the larger business needs. We’ll conduct an extensive review to uncover any problems we need to address by improving the processes, providing resources, or adding capability. We’ll also learn what content performs best for you now to learn how we can capitalize on your strengths.

Content recommendations

Now it’s time to share our recommendations. Our content strategy will clearly outline how different forms of content will work together to support your business goals and enhance your brand.

Bringing the briefs to life

In the final stage of our content consultation, we’ll generate targeted briefs to create content that aligns with the overall strategy. This is where we combine creativity with strategic insights to deliver content that interests and adds value to your audiences.

Content strategy

The content consultant will create a content strategy to identify the types of content you need to develop for different platforms. The content consultant will then develop specific briefs for content creation. The briefs will contain detailed information about each piece of content, including messaging and audience.

The benefits of content consultation

When it comes to content consulting, there are so many benefits! To begin with, the research undertaken by content consultants identifies your current content weaknesses and strengths, which produces great marketing intel. Content consulting allows you to budget for content marketing and ensures every cent you spend packs the maximum punch. Each piece of content you produce will have the singular purpose of achieving your business objectives. Content consulting is invaluable for building brands.

Customers perceptions of your brand are formed and developed by the content they consume. Importantly, content consulting allows you to stand out from the crowd by identifying your unique selling proposition and developing a strategy that elevates it. The benefits of content consulting don’t end when your content consultant waves goodbye and moves on to the next client. The information it provides will inform all the content you produce well into the future.

Diagnose your content concerns: Without an audit, you may not know what's holding back your content. You can only correct problems once you’re aware of them.

Use resources more efficiently: You can optimize your resource allocation and spend your time where it matters most—not constantly monitoring your content producers. You'll also save time when there are no repeated edits and iterations.

Your content will work harder: It will be based on business objectives, audience insights, and a carefully developed strategy. This will make it more efficient and productive.

Future-proof your communication: A content consultancy will help you create high-quality content that can catch your attention now and remain relevant in the medium and long term.

Find a unique voice: Clear strategy and planning help avoid creating generic content. Your content will be distinct, unique, and memorable in a crowded marketplace.

Stay one step ahead of content trends: With a long-term content strategy, your creation will live on well beyond the day's trends. Need the expertise of a content consultant?


As a content consultancy, we aim to add life, purpose, and momentum to your content program. Our team has in-depth experience in management, strategy, analysis, and content creation everything you need to create engaging and effective content to help you achieve your business goals. While anyone can call themselves a content consultant, the professional you engage must be a marketing expert with years of experience developing targeted marketing content.

Assemble is a full-service marketing agency based in Melbourne, and we understand the importance of quality content to build brands and grow businesses.

To find out how we can help your business, please feel free to reach us at or +88 01711 668221 (WhatsApp)


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